There are many reasons to travel to Nepal the mountains, the culture, the food and the people. Squeezed between India and Tibet, Nepal celebrates diversity in each form and celebrates everything with utmost pride A haven for the mountaineers, adventure seekers and cultural enthusiasts, Nepal is not just a country about high scaled mountains, Sherpas, monasteries and Durbar squares, but much more than you can imagine.


Nepal celebrates everything with utmost pride, be it their deep-rooted belief in their spiritual practices or age-old traditions. The garden of monasteries and the Maya Devi Temple with thousands of colourful Buddhist prayer flags simply leave you awestruck. Get completely lost in thoughts when you first see the iconic landmark of Nepal, the Buddha Eyes at Swayambhunath Temple. It is serene and peaceful at Boudhanath Stupa and you will experience a strange feeling at the Pashupatinath Temple, the sacred temple that somehow gives you a sense of devotion.


With eight of the highest peaks in the world being located in Nepal, the Himalayas are a mountainous play area for trekking fanatics, mountaineers and of course ice-climbers. Home to many routes all ranging in in the level of difficulty, this is the place to get your climb on. Everest Base Camp Trek is arguably the most adventurous experience one can ever indulge in and the two main seasons to trek to Everest Base Camp, is the fall between October and November and in the spring between April and May. This is when the skies are clear and the view is magnificent.


The wilderness in Chitwan National Park and spotting one-horned rhinoceros will be a highlight. The experience of surveying the sea of tall grass from the back of an elephant or on a jeep, while keeping an eye out for endangered Gharial crocodiles, rhinos, and monkeys! You'll be accompanied by knowledgeable guides and experienced naturalists, all devoted to making sure your journey is not only exciting and informative but safe and comfortable as well. The bird life is also very impressive: There are hornbills flying all around, and the brightest kingfishers you will ever see.


Travel through the mountains of Nepal, spinning the prayer wheels, visiting Buddhist monasteries, meeting the welcoming Nepali people and make memories your family will never forget. Nepal with kids is an adrenaline-filled experience with short hikes, mountain biking, rafting and wildlife all available for their recreation, not to mention Kathmandu’s bazaars, which are so fascinating for young minds.