Nepal, a country of sublime beauty, tucked away in the shades of the highest mountain range in the world, can truly be labeled the 'last paradise' on earth. Nepal presents a myriad of attractions to tourists and locals alike – ranging from its scenic beauty and well preserved exotic culture to the adventure opportunities. Temples and palaces dating back to 10th century AD still exist as cultural heritages in Nepal. Beautiful pagoda style monuments in the Kathmandu valley uphold a strong reminiscence of their glorious past. Magnificent Buddhist stupas also remind everyone that Buddhism originated from this religiously tolerant country.

Art and architecture are particularly well developed in the capital Kathmandu as it was the cultural and political centre of the country from the very beginning of its existence. The Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, along with six of the ten tallest peaks in the entire world, lies in Nepal's terrain. The hills and mountains, the rivers, lakes and falls, the omnipresent greenery, the exotic flora and fauna, the forests are sure to bewilder you.

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