The Maldives "the beautiful garland in the Indian Ocean" or as some say, the necklace of pearls is known as the idyllic, peaceful heaven, with more than 1800 "Robinson Crusoe" like coral islands surrounded by vast shimmering lagoons of aquamarine and turquoise and endless azure sea. Of the more than 2000 tropical islands that make the paradise that is Maldives, only about 200 are inhabited. Of the remaining islands about a 100 have been developed into exotic resort islands.

The beach villas with private plunge pools and water bungalows offer luxurious and ultimate in private accommodations. Excellent diving and sheltered snorkeling around the shallows, exclusive trips to a private island, float elegantly on sparkling shallow lagoon waters, relax in beautiful Spas, enjoy gourmet restaurants, swimming pool, all-day lounge and a variety of water sports. Maldives resorts offers romantic settings and ideal conditions for your honeymoon or for the special celebrations of your anniversary or wedding ceremonies.

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